QAE COVID-19 Closure: Navigating this together…

COVID Closure Ideas for QAE Parents

Morning QAE families!  I miss you and staff already!  As we navigate these very unexpected challenging times together as a community, I thought it might be helpful to put some resources/ideas together for QAE families as we begin COVID Closure Day #1:

  • Health Care:  Washington Health Benefit Exchange sent out the following info to all school nurses yesterday:  “Due to COVID-19 the Health Benefit Exchange has opened up a Special Enrollment Period for clients who are uninsured.  From 03/10/2020-4/08/2020, uninsured clients can get health insurance effective 04/01/2020.”
  • At home:
    • Okay, let’s tackle this together! 
    • All QAE students went home with supplementary materials and extra books yesterday.  If you have a question about these materials, email me ( ) or your child’s teacher.
    • If you want to follow the same typical routine that your child usually follows at school, here is a general guideline of a QAE learning day:
      • Independent reading/writing time (10-15 minutes) begins the day.
      • Classroom meeting (could be a ‘family meeting’ each morning) – sit down together face to face, take a breath and begin the 10-12 minute discussion:
        • Ask your child to teach you how a class meeting works.
        • Ask your child to teach you how compliments are given at school and how you signal you are ready to accept a compliment during the meeting.
        • Plan the day together*:  developing the day’s visible schedule together can maintain a consistent routine for your child (and you!), which can be familiar and comforting for kids in a time of uncertainty.  Giving voice and choice is key!  Positive Discipline recommends offering limited choices* YOU know will work.  Example: schedule learning time and jobs before desired activities, or break up learning times with brain breaks and mindfulness moments, increases productivity and avoids procrastination battles.
  • Learning times:
    • Reading daily is powerful!
  • Use supplementary materials provided.
  • Writing daily is empowering!   
  • Use supplementary materials provided
    • Could keep a journal
    • If it becomes a battle, set a timer for undesired tasks.  (Primary students typically write in 10-15 minute blocks, while intermediate students typically write for 15-30 minute blocks.  Saying to your child “Shall we set the writing timer for 10 minutes or 11 minutes?” gives them limited choice while establishing a firm boundary.)
      • Daily math builds brain cells and growth mind set
  • research recommends building breaks into schedules to increase productivity, creativity, and maintain your sanity as a parent: 
    • Wash hands frequently.  This is essential and it gives children an authentic way to stay healthy and take action during uncertain times.
    • If you are at home with your children, model ‘Parent Break Time’ and build it into the schedule.  School-age children need opportunities to be independent, so setting firm boundaries around your break times is healthy and increases productivity for everyone.  Plus, it will maintain your sanity during this really stressful time!
    • Jobs.  Jobs are powerful!  Every school age child can have jobs at home as jobs teach responsibility and help your child feel like they are providing authentic help to your family.  Best jobs that develop math skills in young children:  laundry, setting the table and helping with dishes, as these authentic tasks help the family and involve counting, sorting and planning.  Ask your child to help you generate a list of jobs for home, as this is a powerful citizenship opportunity for your child!
    • Recess/playtime into the plan.
  • Social Emotional Learning Time:

Take care, stay healthy, and keep me posted on how you and your family are doing. Thank you for checking out this blog and sharing your feedback – please be kind as this is my first blog and I’m learning as I go along.

Thinking of you,

  • Janine Roy, QAE Principal

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